Hortonworks Release Dataflow 2.0

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Hortonworks-Release-Dataflow-2-300x129 Hortonworks Release Dataflow 2.0The latest version of Hortonworks Data Flow (HDF) incorporated system for dataflow integrated system for dataflow management and streaming analytics is unveiled by Hortonworks. The company’s data platform offering core is completed HDF along with Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP).


As customers tussle IoT data in motion, sentiment analytics and clickstreams HDF 2.0 release implies amplified interest in streaming analytics said Jamie Engesser, VP of product management at Hortonworks. Customers really desire integrated, real-time solution or streaming data. The Company has seen significant HDF adoption he added in a statement.


With the acquisition of Onyara, the creator and contributer to top level Apache NiFiopen source project by Hortonworks initiated the HDF in 2015. With the intention of making it easier for customers to automate and secure dataflow and to curate, collect and analyze actions derived from data in motion and real-time business insights Onyara formed the core of the team behind HDF.


To simplify deployment and real-time operations IoT at the edge and enterprise readiness the latest release HDF 2.0 has added new functionalities such as next generation user experience, Enterprise readiness, and IoT at the edge. “We are seeing a large partner ecosystem develop where partners can build their own connectors and get certified”.