How AI Is Helping Business Decision Makers In Better Decision Making Process

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How_AI-Is-Helping-Business-Decision-Makers-In-Better-Decision-Making-Process How AI Is Helping Business Decision Makers In Better Decision Making ProcessThe recent development in Artificial Intelligence-based prediction as a decision-making tool is an outcome of the mounting abundance and availability of data. Today’s businesses are progressively relying less on computer logic and more on statistics.

In marketing, the marketing team seeks to determine which of two potential campaigns is more likely to be effective in promoting the product with their key target audiences. So, using a predictive technology platform like Optimove or Segment, that marketing manager can look which campaign strategy is most likely to resonate with potential customers, encourage conversions, drive revenues and turn a profit. Additionally, drawing on volume of user data, AI tech can assist marketers to fragment their audiences, attain new insights into customer behavior, and optimize their customer relations and marketing initiatives. AI can not only bring new efficiency and information to businesses’ work, but it can also assist in the hiring process that who will be performing the work. It has the ability to read hundreds of thousands of resumes and job applications within minutes.

Along with these sectors’ decision makers, healthcare professionals, also, are inclined towards AI tech to make more effective and superior decisions on an array of issues like diagnosing diseases, suggesting the best wellness plan for individuals and employers. Even research report showed that healthcare AI startups, in the last five years, have hoisted USD 4.3 billion that is more than any other industry. However, healthcare providers face one of the most challenges that are compiling, assessing and maintaining an enormous amount of medical records. So for combating these challenges, many tech giants and startups are providing a solution which can enhance the decision-making process and lessen the medical errors.