How AI Technology Is Shaping the World

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How_AI_Technology_Is_Shaping_the_World How AI Technology Is Shaping the WorldToday AI is being used in hundreds of different industries and even government departments as well. The machines people use on a daily basis are getting smarter, means that AI is no longer a futuristic technology but is increasingly integrated into every realm of people’s lives. From suggesting what books anyone might like to buy online to powering the virtual assistants that inhabit everyone’s phones and smart speakers, some of the applications are more visible than others. In truth, AI is touching people’s lives far more than many of us realize.

From private-sector companies to public-sector agencies, everyone is deploying and using AI technology at their workforce. Insurance companies are employing Artificial Intelligence to help them produce policy quotes and assess claims; banks are utilizing it to detect fraud and predict changes in the stock markets; in courtrooms it’s offering advice to judges about whether to grant bail conditions to criminal suspects; and it is helping police forces to identify suspects from grainy CCTV images.

AI also helping doctors to spot diseases, with the capability to identify images; Algorithms that use Machine Learning, one of the leading branches of AI, are helping self-driving cars to navigate complex roads; and it is also helping businesses and agencies in making decisions about who to hire and fire. Even on flights, AI is being used by air traffic controllers to help to keep passengers safe both in the air and on the ground.