How and Why it is essential to Build a Hybrid IT Bridge to the Cloud

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How_-and_Why-_it_-is-_essential-_to_-Build_-a_-Hybrid_-IT-_Bridge_-to-_the_Cloud-300x110 How and Why it is essential to Build a Hybrid IT Bridge to the Cloud
Traditional networking is now reaching its obsolete stages with the global adoption of hybrid IT for the delivery of apps across enterprises and their data centres, and increase the cloud SaaS and IaaS platforms. This has also made traditional network architectures obsolete.
Now, those who are aware of the leveraging communication hubs; now popular as cloud hubs, are on a full swing to bridge the gap between legacy data centre environments and the cloud.

Now, I will agree to the fact that moving your transport hubs outside the traditional data centres feels stroppy, the whole essence of the hub is created by moving applications and infrastructure out of the data centre into the cloud. Taking a logical step here, you need to consider leveraging communications hubs and align your WAN architecture with your cloud strategy. By the leverage of such hubs a more localized internet access, direct access to cloud gateways, positioning hybrid IT environment is created for obtaining an optimized cloud performance.

The last step will be interconnecting the hubs using a low latency transport link. This will enable in creating a high-performance core while leveraging some level of software-defined intelligence along with security control and application-aware routing. Now, you’ve assembled all these things together, you will be ready with a built and a truly solid foundation for cloud application performance which will help bridge between legacy infrastructure environments and the cloud.