How Are Chatbots Accelerating Global Healthcare Market

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How_Are-Chatbots-Accelerating-Global-Healthcare-Market How Are Chatbots Accelerating Global Healthcare MarketToday, Chatbots are gaining more traction in the healthcare space, as it is providing more convenient and cost-efficient virtual health assistant. Due to optimum internet connectivity and growing adoption of smart devices, technology advancement in Artificial Intelligence, and limited availability to council huge patient population are the key driving factors in the path of global healthcare chatbots market growth. According to market insights, the global market for healthcare Chatbots will reach USD 703 million by 2025, at a growing CAGR of 25.1 percent.

Augmenting demand for virtual health assistant is one of the most key driving factors in market growth. However, lack of expertise for Chatbot development, unconscious and misconception and data privacy are the impeding factors in the way to the market growth. The global healthcare chatbots market is burificated widely into two major segments by deployment mode, first on-premise and second Cloud-based. On-premise solution is the most preferred way to implement Chatbots among healthcare providers and payers, which includes purpose-built software installed in systems like mobile, tablets, laptop, and PCs. The on-premise segment last year accounted for the largest share of the global healthcare Chatbots market, though the Cloud-based solutions segment is anticipated to grow at a higher CAGR during the projected timeframe.

Chatbots in the healthcare space connect patients with physicians for assistance and treatments. Last year, the patients’ segment produced the largest share in the global healthcare Chatbots market and is predicted to grow with 23 percent of CAGR throughout the forecast period.