How Artificial Intelligence Can Help In The Cancer Treatment

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How_Artificial-Intelligence-Can-Help-In-The-Cancer-Treatment How Artificial Intelligence Can Help In The Cancer TreatmentIn the healthcare industry, and more especially cancer care, technology is being utilized in new and exciting ways. Various researches have been performed in order to test the limits where physicians can take people’s care with Artificial Intelligence to help in the fight against cancer and hopefully annihilate it once and for all.

Further, reports show that cancer rates continue to rise. As per a recent report, there have been an estimated 18.1 million new cancer cases and 9.6 million cancer deaths in 2018 that is a rapid change compared to the 14.1 million cases and 8.2 million deaths reported in 2012. These facts place an extensive volume of pressure on oncologists and researchers to get ahead, however, AI may be a reliable solution to support eases this burden. In particular, there is another issue that is a growing rate of folks with occupational cancers due to the shift in working conditions in the previous century. Folks who worked in factories, on shipyards or in close proximity to homes or buildings built with asbestos-containing materials (ACM) are at-risk of improving unusual cancers like the often fatal mesothelioma. Though, these days, AI could make a significant impact on mesothelioma patients. In the year 2015, a study in Turkey diagnosed mesothelioma with Machine Learning that comprises a machine’s ability to act a function without being programmed to do so. With the practice of two Probabilistic Neural Networks (PNN) frameworks, the disease was successfully diagnosed with 96.3 percent accuracy.

AI is not the only sort of technology unmistakably improving the chances for cancer patients. EHR (Electronic health records), telemedicine and digital assistants, and so on, are all giving doctors and patients with new ways for treatment. Researchers are also improving traditional treatments, such as radiology, to new levels as a means of better serving patients.