How Artificial Intelligence Experts Are Responding On The American AI Initiative

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How_Artificial-Intelligence-Experts-Are-Responding-On-The-American-AI-Initiative How Artificial Intelligence Experts Are Responding On The American AI InitiativeAfter signing an executive order, by the U.S. President Donald Trump, to boost the U.S. leadership in Artificial Intelligence, most of the experts called this move as aimed at China’s swift rise in this technology. Also, experts said that it might be a response to China’s AI policy, which calls for major investment on AI to make China as the world leader in this field by 2030.

The U.S. President, earlier this week, signed an executive order that introduces a program named American AI Initiative. With this initiative, the US government joined the list of those countries governments that have issued a wide AI strategy including China, France, Canada, and South Korea. On this Trump’s move, Director of Brookings Institution’s center for technological innovation, Darrell West said that president is trying to set the initiative at the top and vie well in the race of AI technology. But the idea looks unclear on its implementation. Director of the Center for Data Innovation, Daniel Castro seemed this move a bit positive. He said that ensuring the nation’s leadership in AI is critical for U.S. competitiveness. Albeit, he knows the ability of AI technology, which can bring several societal benefits, boost productivity, and better the economy. In China, their government introduced its own sweeping AI plan, nearly two years ago and committed the investment in tens of billions of dollars towards AI development. But now Trump’s new order seems the American response to China. Even, the official announcement framed it as an effort to win an AI arms race.

However, lawmakers and key players in the technology field are taking this move as a positive sign in AI development. American AI Initiative comprised five key areas of actions where the federal agencies will be responsible to boost the position of US in the AI industry: Providing funds, programs, and data to support AI research and commercialization. Making federal data and computing power more available for AI purposes and further unleashing AI resources. Develop and train an AI workforce. Setting AI government standards for safe and trustworthy AI, and Engaging with international allies and also securing the technology from foreign adversaries.