How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping The future Of Customer Service

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How_Artificial-Intelligence-Is-Shaping-The-future-of-Customer-Service How Artificial Intelligence Is Shaping The future Of Customer ServiceAs Artificial Intelligence is becoming a fast-growing technology in today’s digital world, its ubiquitous impact in industries, especially in customer service, is also expanding. Even, reports predicted that by 2020, more than 80 percent of customer service interaction to be handled by AI. It advances customer service and stimulates business outcomes, by improving the bottom line, automating simple tasks that don’t require a human interface.

AI helps the organization in a range of areas, from providing answers to simple customer questions 24/7, sorting messaging, prioritizing queries for a human agent quickly where required, to freeing up human agents to facilitate higher value calls. It utilizes cutting edge voice recognition to comprehend what someone is asking, recognize the consumer, and envisage the necessary response. For these performances, an AI evaluates the huge volume of data faster than a human agent ever could, and predict the required response quickly, with more accuracy. In the AI context, NLP (Natural language processing) is the latest tool that assesses human language to recognize context and outcomes, so AI can chat with humans, often without the human interaction. NLP works in unison with voice recognition to make sure the customer receives the assistance what they require within the fastest possible time, without the frustration. Moreover, in the case of when it can’t able to assist a customer, it ensures the customer is handed off to a human assistant quickly.

In addition, AI has the potential to reduce the number of human hours required to service simple tasks. Further, it is imperative to know that Artificial Intelligence is not a replacement for human interaction; rather, it is the facilitator that minimizes customer frustration. While AI and NLP become more sophisticated, it is anticipated that the amount of AI assistance which provides in the future is boundless, not only further advancing the customer experience, but also strengthening the bottom line.