How Artificial Intelligence Will Advance the Healthcare Industry

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How_Artificial_Intelligence_Will_Advance_the_Healthcare_Industry How Artificial Intelligence Will Advance the Healthcare IndustryAs Artificial Intelligence is drastically transforming the all sized businesses, its impact in the healthcare sector will be very impactful. When considering both the physical and economic implications, the healthcare sector is one industry that is very much in need of an AI disruption. There are certain key healthcare AI trends to pay attention in the year 2019.

In the very first AI trend to watch out in the healthcare industry is the growth of artificial AI in medical imaging. Besides the figure that Artificial Intelligence will result in enhanced precision of medical imaging diagnosis, it will also make it much easier to personalize treatment planning and convey outcomes. Not only will this improved output in the radiologist community, but profitability can be achieved sooner than expected. Such spending from tech giants like Tencent, Alibaba, and the partnership between NVIDIA and Nuance are just a few instances of high-profile investments in AI medical imaging in recent times.

Artificial Intelligence addresses the healthcare industry’s communication problem. Whether it is patient-physician communication, or communication between diverse healthcare organs, the healthcare industry’s communication problem is one that can be most easily and rapidly addressed by AI, and that healthcare sector leaders can expect to see solemn developments in the next year. According to statistics, 80 percent of somber medical errors are owing to miscommunication between caregivers during patient transfer. So, AI can more efficiently deal with these communication issues.

More developments in medical dosage error reduction- as per the Accenture’s research, by 2026, effective application of Artificial Intelligence to medical dosage error reduction can result in a savings of USD16 billion for the healthcare industry. Medication and dosage errors are one of the dominating causes of unexpected but easily avertable death or serious injury today. AI has the capability to process and interpret vast amounts of data, and it will serve as a key benefit in the year 2019. AI will assist make application and administration of medications with the accurate dosage easy.