How Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Is Driving The Retail Sector


How_Augmented-Reality-And-Virtual-Reality-Is-Driving-The-Retail-Sector How Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality Is Driving The Retail SectorToday, more retailers are creating engaging experiences to attract more consumers with the help of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies. These tools have an ample range of abilities, from helping customers see how furniture would look their living rooms to enabling them to see how a car would drive on the road. The AR/VR tech can also help in training employees in a company with virtual experiences.

VR can enable customers to feel, influence and interrelate with products in new ways. While many retailers are utilizing the technology to generate tailored experiences for their brands, so it may well become a new way for customers to shop as well. According to the reports, 100 million AR/VR headset users are expected by 2022. These are some of the ways that retailers from Amazon to Walmart are tapping into headsets and other technology to serve digitally-connected consumers and assist train employees. In 2018, the number of VR users jumped from 85 million to 171 million. Consumers can utilize this technology to help out shopping for furniture. For instance, Amazon has launched an Amazon Showroom feature shoppers can put 3D images of furniture into a virtual room in order to see how those items would really look. Simultaneously, the colors of the walls in the room also can be changed, along with the flooring and carpet.

However, Amazon is not the only retailer utilizing VR for furniture and room furnishing sales. Wayfair also introduced an interior design and room planning app, named Wayfair Spaces. Even, VR headsets are arriving at brick-and-mortar stores to assist with employee training and development. Moreover, the revenues from VR software are expected to grow by 3,000 percent over the next four years, due to companies investing tens of millions in the VR space to meet the customers’ requirements.