How brands exploit data to Woo Customers?

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How-brands-exploit-data-to-Woo-Customers How brands exploit data to Woo Customers?In this age of competition, many buyers or purchasers are loyal to at least one, if not several, brands. But the key here is to figure out what makes them so devoted to a particular brand, what awes them that they’re head over heels committed to that brand. A simple and straightforward answer to this commitment lies in bonding with their brains and hearts, a bond so tough, that it can’t be broken.

As per an article titled “The new science of customer emotion”, published on Harvard Business Review, in the retail fashion industry, fanatic fans are so much dedicated to their preferred brands that they’re even willing to pay 2.3 times more to buy them. Marketers need to evoke warm feelings among purchasers and prospects to be able to capitalize on those things. At this point, they can take the assistance of cold, hard data, and then develop a plan for better utilization of this data to generate business value.

Firstly, brands figure out what’s the commonality between them and their customers. These commonalities lay a strong foundation for a strong customer relationship. According to Mark Bradley, president of creative agency Bradley and Montgomery, finding commonalities is vital to the identification of “leverageable loves.” Using customer information brands determine commonalities with their customers; in other words, find their leverage-able loves.

After finding out the commonality, brands personalize their customers’ memorable brand experiences, based on their preferences. From there, they get actionable insight to make informed decisions to further improve the customer’s experience, by personalizing it.