How Chatbots Are Transforming The Automotive Industry

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How_Chatbots-Are-Transforming-The-Automotive-Industry How Chatbots Are Transforming The Automotive IndustryToday, Artificial Intelligence-driven Chatbots are utilizing by more industries as consumers are increasingly engaging in chat and messaging apps to buy, research and interact with businesses and their services. This conversational tool offers consumers a real-time approach to engage with their favorite brands, without having to wait for a long period for speaking with a representative. Indeed, a recent survey highlighted that 89 percent of customers would like using instant messaging to converse with businesses, while 66 percent prefer messaging over any other communication channel.

So, what’re the ways Chatbots are transforming the car-buying experience. Chatbots can help dealers drive both online and in-store traffic, providing a win-win scenario for the brand-customer relationship. Dealer websites offer more insights for customers with a variety of relevant information where they could navigate the early stages of the car-buying process. Apart from today’s automation world, auto dealers are at the mercy of traditional digital channels such as paid search, display and email to drive discoverability and consumer traffic to their website. However, conversational marketing enables dealers to widen the most valuable features and capabilities of their website into the channel consumers prefer to communicate. Consumers face plentiful stress and pressure while attempting to purchase a car, so unlike traditional online experiences, Chatbots can solve their issues more efficiently and effectively. It can automatically create answers to questions for the customer and dealer-specific queries like browsing inventory, determining car trade-in value, checking credit scores to pre-qualify for finance offers or making appointments.

As a result, customers can leave a conversational experience feeling satisfied they received relevant information and answers to their questions before they even enter a dealership. The car-buying customers are not the only ones that benefited from the ease of Chatbot technology, by automating the process of research and discovery, it empowers customers with an on-demand, personalized experience, 24/7, as well as assist dealers drive more qualified customers into their dealership and closer to the point of purchase.