How Cloud Automation changes the game

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How-_Cloud_-Automation_-changes-_the-_game-300x210 How Cloud Automation changes the game
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The cloud is showing increasing statistics towards a more advanced atmosphere while the attack surface is also broadening with it. With an all-time increase of gateway services and application programming interfaces, there are developments in fields like the Internet of Things which are shaking the cloud grounds. All of these will provide a lead against threat landscape in a more sophisticated manner preventing volumetric attacks, malicious bots, tools targeting apps and sensitive data.

Many of the traditional practices are no longer effective due to high labor intensive and time inefficient protection giving a scope for automation. Automation helps to streamline and standardize IT processes with the removal of human-based error. It also focuses on IT staff priorities, such as analytics and problem-solving. This alone is not enough in moving applications to the cloud. It is imperious in addressing business objectives in line with market needs while applying integrated tools sets towards automated workflows, greater visibility, and analytical capabilities. Critical to establishing, but new working methodologies help in better collaboration and efficiency of the working staff.

To stay relevant to the future’s cloud, NetOps teams should work on automation capabilities to reduce the use of manual process while the DevOps team should push forth the security disciplines for benefits to the production sector. Optimization and orchestration of workspaces lead to a prosperous outcome while ensuring customer-centricity and data compliance.

Let’s just conclude by saying, Cloud architects are to be empowered with advanced solutions for delivering panoramic visibility and analytics, intellectual and contextual awareness, and urbane policy controls.