How Digital Technologies Are Revolutionizing The Healthcare Industry

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How_Digital-Technologies-Are-Revolutionizing-The-Healthcare-Industry How Digital Technologies Are Revolutionizing The Healthcare IndustryDigital technologies in the healthcare sector are constantly emerging and finding new applications, even though the industry is tackling with adoption and digital transformation. Several healthcare organizations today embracing digital technologies to support clinicians, reduce costs, and enhance patient outcomes. So, how digital technologies will have a deep impact in the healthcare space over the coming years?

Artificial Intelligence has the ability to totally reduce the clinicians’ workloads. Radiologists currently are spending long hours to carry out severe manual tasks as part of the image analysis procedure. For this process, radiologists often take long hours to read images that could lead to error and misdiagnoses. Moreover, the growing number of patients being referred to radiology, and ongoing developments in imaging technology, can make a large amount of data to assess and the data analysis more intensive. Though, using AI algorithms for image analysis tasks can perform as time-saving and provide better outcomes instantly. With this approach, AI which seeks to streamline image analysis procedures by lessening the number of clicks to act a task and guessing the next steps can assist in expediting the image analysis process.

Augmented Reality that uses 2D images and other patient data and generates a 3D model of patient anatomy on the patient’s body is currently one of the most feasible solutions to the healthcare sector. This new kind of breakthrough in the industry can revolutionize the efficiency and cost optimization aspects of surgery. Meanwhile, it leads the error rates due to the high degree of precision offered in terms of surgical navigation and locating targets within the patient’s body. Apart from this, the technology is predicted to revolutionize the healthcare sector in the coming years.