How Home Automation will transform Modern Homes in the Next Decade?

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How-Home-Automation-will-transform-Modern-Homes-in-the-Next-Decade How Home Automation will transform Modern Homes in the Next Decade?Today, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), modern smart homes and home automation has come a long way. With predictions that the home automation will witness some of the best creations and functionalities the IoT has to offer, the home automation industry is up for a major overhaul this next decade.

Humans are increasingly remodeling their homes, now more often than ever. The reasons – although maybe varying i.e. from remodeling their homes to make them more comfy to transforming them to be more environment-friendly – whatever they are, American homeowners in total spent $340 billion on home improvements in 2018 alone.

Now, when we include the smart home upgrades, these home remodeling projects become much more appealing, thanks to the obvious benefit that a smart home can offer i.e. save on power, reduce utility costs, and make the home more comfortable and convenient. Reports suggest that more than half of renovating homeowners include at least one smart home device in their newly remodeled space, to assist them in their day-to-day tasks, making their lives easier.

With networked security cameras, smart homeowners deter theft and robberies, allowing themselves access to monitor live and recorded footage of their living space from a smartphone, and report the same to law agencies to assist in their investigations.

Then there are smart thermostats, that don’t need any programming, and automatically adjust the home temperature when they detect a human absence, saving heavy on energy bills; smart fridges to tell on if the food is about to turn pale, to avoid wastage; smart ovens to regulate the cooking temperature, and automate the heat source cut off, to avoid cooking wastages; etc. and the list goes on.