How the On-Demand Vehicle Rental Companies are blooming by Big Data?

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How-the-On-Demand-Vehicle-Rental-Companies-are-blooming-by-Big-Data How the On-Demand Vehicle Rental Companies are blooming by Big Data?Today, car rental services are the essence of modern cities, let it be business or pleasure, these car rental services are cozy means of transport in the city. And all these car rental companies, typically offer their services through an Android or iOS app, which basically feeds on massive data sets. The app developers in these companies are no field personnel, they rather work on data received on a daily basis. The huge amount of data flow is a clear sign of the company’s strong presence in the market, and its far outreach. Based on these data insights and demographics, the company’s marketing team will have actionable means to further expand their reach.

These car rental services are yet to make their presence known in third world countries. With Big Data insights, these car rental companies can penetrate deep into masses, to know their needs and requirements, to offer a much friendly and effective service. Based on comments on their social media webpage, like and dislike counts, and followers, these companies can understand what needs to be done to maximize growth.

Further, based on social media feeds, posts & videos, and other such data, these companies, can in advance know, where there is a requirement of their services, in advance, to plan their fleet accordingly. For example, there is a rival league football match at a stadium or arena, which is deemed to attract the masses, based on social media posts, video footages, and comments, which basically are gold mines for these data-hungry companies, they can accordingly make actionable plans.