How Virtual Assistants Are Accelerating Business Value

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How_Virtual-Assistants-Are-Accelerating-Business-Value How Virtual Assistants Are Accelerating Business ValueAs the virtual assistants have been trained to comprehend voice commands and complete tasks for users, its popularity in today’s businesses making headway to streamline operations and better service. Companies today seeking to leverage Artificial Intelligence assistants like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, Google’s Assistant and Chatbots for a range of use cases including team collaboration tasks, voice-to-text dictation, email management, customer service, help desk management, and data analytics.

According to the IT community Spiceworks’ 2018 report, 40 percent of companies with over 500 workforces considered to deploy one or more AI assistants or Chatbots on their proprietary devices this year. The report further illustrated that such organizations who have already implemented the technology on their company-owned devices and services, with nearly half of the organizations, 49 percent, are utilizing Microsoft Cortana for work-related tasks, followed by Apple Siri at 47 percent. Among businesses that have deployed AI chatbots and AI assistants, about 46 percent are utilizing them for voice-to text-dictation, 26 percent to support team collaboration and 24 percent for employee calendar management. Additionally, 14 percent are using AI chatbots and assistants for customer service and 13 percent for IT help desk management.

Over half of the organizations, about 53 percent, utilize these products within their IT department, while 23 percent use them to help their administrative department, followed by 20 percent to support customer service. However, with half of the organization among those who are not using any type of AI chatbots or intelligent assistants, due to a lack of use cases in the workplace, while 29 percent have security and privacy concerns, and 25 percent are holding back due to the cost. Despite the escalating adoption of AI, just 20 percent of IT professionals consider their organization has the appropriate skills, talent, and resources to deploy and support AI technology.