How Voice Assistants Can Transform Healthcare Sector

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How_Voice-Assistants-Can-Transform-Healthcare-Sector How Voice Assistants Can Transform Healthcare SectorPromising technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Voice Assistant have the potential to transform the industries. Its major impact on industries, especially in the Healthcare space, makes it a relying technology where all business leaders seeking to deploy it into their business processes. Healthcare is an ever-evolving space, from new policies and research to advances in medical technology and drug trials. It’s also a global industry with amounting over USD8 billion yearly.

Voice assistants have become common augmentations to some of the most frequently used technologies nowadays. Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa or Cortana voice assistants from Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft, respectively, currently exist in people’s personal devices are not great fits for the medical landscape. Since technology utilizes a natural language interface, it must be tailored to identify and assess medical terminology in order to be constructive in a healthcare application. In a statement, Boston Children’s Hospital Chief Innovative officer John Brownstein stated voice as a game changer in Healthcare. He noted that Healthcare is at a tipping point with voice. We haven’t seen it transform any industries. Healthcare could be a leading vertical in voice apps. Voice assistants use a natural language interface to facilitate communication primarily through speech, it has two major groups of potential users in the healthcare sector- physicians and patients. With this tech, physicians often use to take patient notes, process data, and access records.

The volume of data is an important component in time-saving, and voice assistants would be the solution. On the patient end, voice assistants as a cheaper alternative to in-office visits, because it offers 24/7 hours care to a wide range of patients who may require access to care on-demand. For instance, people with chronic diseases that experience flare-ups, disabled patients with family caregivers, and rural patients living farther away from in-person medical care are just a few individuals who would take advantage most from powerful virtual assistants. For this technology software, several companies are there in the marketplace that especially makes voice assistant software for the medical space.