HSBC & NepFin Team-Up to Better Serve the Middle Market Businesses


HSBC-NepFin-Team-Up-to-Better-Serve-the-Middle-Market-Businesses HSBC & NepFin Team-Up to Better Serve the Middle Market BusinessesHSBC US Commercial Banking, in a recent press release statement, on Tuesday, Feb. 26th 2019, announced that it is entering into a partnership agreement with Neptune Financial (NepFin), a San Francisco-based next-gen financial services company, to enhance the middle market businesses in the US, by catering to all their capital needs. The HSBC-NepFin partnership will also allow all NepFin associated partner firms, including the international businesses based in markets where HSBC have a NIL market presence, to tap into the HSBC’s global network and commercial banking services.

According to EJ Achtner, Head of Digital Banking at HSBC US Commercial Banking, this partnership will further help HSBC by extending its global capabilities and international network to benefit more US businesses. The company is excited to leverage NepFin’s platform to cater to the needs of middle-market businesses to help them efficiently source capital.

NepFin efficiently identifies credit and low-cost demands using technologies like machine learning (ML) and data science. Teaming up with HSBC, NepFin will now be better equipped with data analytics and insight, strengthening its digital proposition. According to Albert Periu, CEO and Co-founder, NepFin, HSBC has a long and impressive track record of catering to all types of businesses all around the world. The company looks forward to combining HSBC’s expertise with its digital platforms to better serve the needs of the middle markets.