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HTC Announced The U Series Of Phones

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HTC-Announced-The-U-Series-Of-Phones-300x129 HTC Announced The U Series Of PhonesHTC on Thursday revealed its U series of phones the U Play and the U Ultra in anticipation that reboot will aid its prospects. The U lineup of phones have a secondary small display and boast artificial intelligence to help manage your notifications. With the U-series of phones, the company’s critically acclaimed HTC One series got a break. According to a report the addition of U-series doesn’t necessarily mean the death of the One series. However, the era of the One series is ended as an aspiring phone that portrayed acclaim from Android enthusiasts for its ability to push the edge of design. Atypically, around 2012, the rise of the One phones came as HTC began to slide into irrelevancy. This happened due to the outgunning of HTC by the bigger players in the market.


The company believed that in the market there is still aplace for the one series as a mid-range phone. The company is portraying it as the One X10. The report also mentioned that since HTC wants to keep the One series alive there are options for the One series on the table. The company will focus on developing its U lineas an alternative, which goes on sale on its website.