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Huawei makes it through amazon with smart speaker doubles and 4G router

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huawei_smart_-speaker_-doubles_-and_-4G_-routers-300x169 Huawei makes it through amazon with smart speaker doubles and 4G routerHuawei! Sounds breezy and a holiday kinda right? But not in this context. With Huawei joining the ranks of Amazon, Google, Apple and other top e-commerce websites with its launch of the first smart speaker.
As a result, there is now a new partnership between Huawei and Amazon. The Huawei AI Cube is basically a smart speaker with full Amazon Alexa integration with its unique feature differentiated from an Amazon Echo is its ability to use a 4G LTE Sim card as a home Wi-Fi router. Sound interesting! And adding to this if you didn’t notice from the cube.

While there are no public reviews out in the sites yet, Huawei claims itself that this version is a “high-end” and “ground-breaking” one with a wireless 360-degree speaker with a powerful sound system additionally. Let’s just consider if the four microphones are pretty much of the same size and shape as an Amazon Echo, we’ll have to go ahead and see if it really does sound better or not.

With the Wi-Fi functionality becoming the part of an interesting concept moulding across, something directs the news to Huawei’s older products like the Huawei router connected to 4G works considerably ok but it is limited.
The AI Cube, like router, consists theoretical speeds of 300Mbps and 802.11ac dual-band variability but speeds are limited by the 4G support in the particular area ; which can be anywhere from 10Mbps to 70Mbps which will also depend on how many people are using the 4G network in the specified area and limits to say 3 or 4 devices using the Wi-Fi heavily at once. The 4G network is usually more expensive for heavy usage, so generally, it is recommended to use the AI Cube as a router if there is a small crowd most likely to use it.

To end the news, Pricing of the product is yet to be announced and so far Huawei has only stated that A US release is still in talking terms while China won’t receive a model using Alexa, but may have something similar in the near future.