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Huawei P10 Rumored With Curved Display and Fingerprint Sensor

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Huawei-P10-Rumored-With-Curved-Display-and-Fingerprint-Sensor-300x129 Huawei P10 Rumored With Curved Display and Fingerprint SensorA device that the enthusiasts are waiting since for quite some time is being worked on by Huawei. The company is working on the flagship project actively according to a report. There are some significant changes mentioned the report. The placement of the fingerprint sensor in the front just below the screen is such a change. Previously on the P9 model the fingerprint sensor was located at the back of the device below the camera. The report also mentioned the absent of the physical home button and the home button being made on thescreen will bring the P10 in line with the current trend. A dual curved display was also reported on the P10 as well just as the one in Huawei Mate 9 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It is anticipated that the P10 model will be arriving in two variants one will be a flat display and the other will be curved display.


LONL29 is the model number reported to be on the new phone. The P10 will be having a 5.5-inch full HD display with QUAD HD (2560×1440 pixels) resolution. The P10 is expected to be incorporated with Kirin 960, Mali-G71 GPU, 12MP rear camera with 4K capabilities, 6 GB RAM and 256 GB vast internal memory.