Hubble Returns To db5 as CEO


After 3 years managing automated DIY platform PopResearch Chris Hubble returns to his Strategy and Insights Consultancy

1-1-2 Hubble Returns To db5 as CEOLOS ANGELES, June 4, 2019 — db5, a global strategy and insights company, announces the return of Chris Hubble as CEO after a 3 year hiatus while Chris conceived, developed, and managed PopResearch (Pop), a fully automated DIY research platform.

Hubble’s return consolidates db5’s strategic capabilities. “After 3 years on the cutting edge of AI and automation in research, I’m thrilled to get back to the human side of our business. What’s going on with technology in the insights and research industry is allowing the scope of the business we operate in to drastically change, but it hasn’t changed the need to understand human behavior.

1-1-2 Hubble Returns To db5 as CEO“I’m excited to bring the technology tools we have to gather data in ways and at speeds that were not possible before, while combining these agile processes with the db5 methodological rigor and insights. Big data, AI, and automation makes us data rich, but we are often still insight poor. We need human understanding of not only what but also why people do the things they do. db5 has always been about having the best research practitioners in the world working in close partnership with wonderful clients, so amazing things happen.”

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