Hubitat announces its support for Iris by Lowe’s Ver. 1 Zigbee Devices

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Hubitat-announces-its-support-for-Iris-by-Lowe’s-Ver.-1-Zigbee-Devices Hubitat announces its support for Iris by Lowe’s Ver. 1 Zigbee DevicesHubitat, a Scottsdale, Arizona-based home automation platform provider, as per recent reports last week, has announced its added support for Iris by Lowe’s Version 1 Zigbee Devices.

Earlier, in Jan. 2019, Lowe’s announced shutdown of its Iris smart home platform on Mar. 31st 2019. In addition to this, Lowe’s also said that after the said date (Mar. 31st 2019), its closed Cloud platform would no longer work and that its Version 1 Zigbee devices don’t support other platforms.

Coming to rescue for the early Iris customers, Hubitat in an announcement said that one of its engineers has figured out how the devices communicated with the Iris Cloud-based system. All Iris devices — contact sensors, motion sensors, plug-in outlets, key fobs and more — that were unable to be used on other systems, can now be used, Hubitat states.

Mike Maxwell, Hubitat’s principle engineer, having realized the level of flexibility Hubitat Elevation offers, figured out how to locally control and communicate with these devices directly. After two weeks of work, Maxwell came up with a working prototype and uploaded his proof of concept on YouTube.

“We are doing the impossible, supporting Iris Version 1 Zigbee sensors on a platform that doesn’t require the Cloud or an Internet connection to work,” says Patrick Stuart, Hubitat’s vice president of product and business development.  “We have an experienced yet scrappy team that just doesn’t take no for an answer.”