Hyundai comes to the Police’s Rescue, Remotely Slows down a Stolen SUV in Pursuit

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Hyundai-comes-to-the-Police’s-Rescue-Remotely-Slows-down-a-Stolen-SUV-in-Pursuit Hyundai comes to the Police’s Rescue, Remotely Slows down a Stolen SUV in PursuitIn a recent set of events, on Thursday, Mar. 28th 2019, Hyundai Motors, by performing a somersault move, depicted their manufacturing marvel and expertise. A stolen SUV, which was being driven by 24 yrs. old, Alex Oldham (the suspect), was being pursued by the police along a Nashville highway. Law enforcement bodies were alerted about the stolen Hyundai Sante Fe by the manufacturer, and officials at Hyundai Motors USA agreed to help the police in tracking the vehicle.

When officers with the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, in the stolen vehicle pursuit, tried pulling over the SUV, the suspect took off. Here, to aid the officers in their vehicle pursuit, Hyundai came in with a new trick up their sleeves: a new security measure called Stolen Vehicle Slowdown. The company officials were able to remotely reduce the engine power of the vehicle in pursuit, bringing down the vehicle’s speed to safe levels for police to handle.

The suspect, as per reports, had 15 grams of meth, 7 grams of cocaine, and 1 gram of heroin in his possession in the vehicle.

As mentioned on Hyundai USA’s website, “Stolen Vehicle Slowdown enables law enforcement to gradually reduce the engine power of the vehicle, slowing it down to safe levels”.

Furthermore, the new “Stolen Vehicle Slowdown” security measure transmits a security warning to the driver prior to the slowdown procedure. “The Stolen Vehicle Immobilization enables law enforcement to send a signal to the vehicle, which immobilizes the engine management system, preventing it from starting.”