Hyundai Seeks Aid From Google To Develop Self-Driving Car

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Hyundai-Seeks-Aid-From-Google-To-Develop-Self-Driving-Car-300x129 Hyundai Seeks Aid From Google To Develop Self-Driving CarHyundai the car manufacturer is joining a team with the Alphabet’s Google to develop a self-driving car said Jeong Jin Haeng President of Hyundai. According to Ko Tae Bong, the senior analyst at Hi Investment & Securities Co. Hyundai is lagging in the competition of developing autonomous cars. Though this is a critical condition and not a choice for Hyundai to cooperate with IT companies to survive.


The company is also helping Google to execute its self-driven vehicle as Google is not very familiar with vehicles. Especially considering the fact that the Googles self-driven vehicle is one of the best in the world. The technology like Apples CarPlay and Alphabets Android Auto has been very aggressively adopted by Hyundai to let the respective smartphones users connect wirelessly to the car in a hassle-free manner.


Google has sought expertise from an automaker before in recent past. In order to expand its autonomous techniques, the company has brought 100 plug-in Hybrid Minivans from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. The said in a blog that this is the first time they have worked directly with an automaker to develop their project. For faster adoption of self-driving vehicles, the company has joined forces with ride-sharing services and major car makers.