IBM Accords with Juniper Networks To Accelerate Its Journey To The Cloud

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IB_Accords-with-Juniper-Networks-To-Accelerate-Its-Journey-To-The-Cloud IBM Accords with Juniper Networks To Accelerate Its Journey To The CloudIBM Services, a professional services arm of IBM, announced on Wednesday a USD325 million agreement with software developer Juniper Networks, where IBM will help the network technology giant in managing its existing infrastructure, applications and IT services to support condense the costs and advance their journey to the Cloud. A recent survey by IBM’s Institute for Business Value illustrated that almost all companies are utilizing some type of Cloud Computing, these days, and with 85-percent companies reported that they are utilizing over one Cloud system.

IBM, as part of the 7-year agreement, will deploy the IBM Services Platform with Watson to assist manage the Sunnyvale, CL-based company’s support systems, as well as data centers, help desks and data and voice networks. Additionally, the agreement will enable Juniper Networks to use IBM’s cognitive technologies to build an agile IT ecosystem. The American multinational IT Company will also launch the Factory Development concept for application management, utilizing automation and cognitive tools, aimed to support Juniper drive cost savings, efficiency, and help Juniper Networks to attain a Cloud-native environment.

Senior Vice President of IBM Global Technology Services, Martin Jetter said his company works with thousands of enterprises across the globe has led them to firm trust that a one-Cloud-fits-all approach does not work and businesses are picking multiple Cloud ecosystem to meet their requirements. He also added that working with Juniper Network, the company is assimilating Cloud solutions with their available IT investments through the IBM Service Platform with Watson. It provides them the opportunity to create more value from accessible infrastructure, together with supporting them handle strategic services that are grave to their business.