IBM Launches Security Testing Tool X-Force Red Blockchain Testing Service For Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

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IBM-Launches-Security_Testing-Tool-X-Force-Red-Blockchain-Testing-Service-For-Enterprise-Blockchain-Solutions IBM Launches Security Testing Tool X-Force Red Blockchain Testing Service For Enterprise Blockchain SolutionsComputer hardware company IBM has released an operational version of its built-in security testing tool for Blockchain solutions. Its dedicated security task force, X-Force Red has developed the X-Force Red Blockchain Testing service that will eliminate inefficiencies from enterprise Blockchain deployments.

The company’s statement noted that the IBM’s security task force observed that 70 percent of solutions which comprise Blockchain technology rely on traditional technologies for backend processes like data processing, authentication, and API (Application Programming Interfaces). The company’s X-Force Red Blockchain Testing service will assess the entire execution of chain code, public key infrastructure, and hyper ledgers. It will also test backend processes, applications and physical hardware used to control access and supervise Blockchain networks. Even though, recent condemnation from the industries running Blockchain technology, enterprise Blockchain has achieved significant growth in recent years and predicted to worth around USD10 billion by 2021. However, the technology to obtain more kudos, security must be Impermeable.

IBM X-Force Red’s global head, Charles Henderson stated that Blockchain is penetrating the industries through protecting the integrity of data, but it doesn’t mean the solutions that leverage it are immune from a bad actor, that’s why security testing is vital in the development and after deployment.  The product offering will address several areas, ranging from identity and access to enterprise Blockchain networks, and teething issues like smart contract flaws. The company’s own IBM Blockchain suite of tools has also seen wide uptake, as well as partnerships, which this week continued in the form of a multi-bank implementation in Japan.