IBM Proposes Two New Blockchain Patents For Security And Database Management Systems

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IBM-Proposes_Two-New-Blockchain-Patents-For-Security-And-Database-Management-Systems IBM Proposes Two New Blockchain Patents For Security And Database Management SystemsTech giant IBM has divulged two new applications for its stack of blockchain patents. According to one patent document, the tech firm now is looking to target network security by deploying Blockchain technology, while the second patent focused on database management systems (DBMSs) using the tech. IBM, for the 2nd patent, called DBMS as inefficient owing to their bulkiness, and thus calls for Blockchain-based solutions to offer the much needed streamlining.

IBM explained the first Blockchain patent as for securing a data log using monitor security protocols may be obtained by applying various levels of security, including low security to high security, and with a range of hardware and software configurations. In that security levels, low security may enable open access to the event logs while high level may limit access to that logs. On the DBMS, they further explained that it generally configured to detach the process of storing data from accessing, manipulating, or utilizing data stored in a database. Additionally, to switch the heavy workloads placed on such systems DBMS usually require huge resources. Thus, for such systems, it may be constructive to manage a DBMS using a blockchain database.

Moreover, it was reported that IBM has rolled out a number of enterprise Blockchain offers over the past several years, especially under its IBM Blockchain project. To secure their patents in this race, the company competing for supremacy with the likes of Bank of America in the United States, which had already accrued a mountain of more than 50 patents as of October last year. IBM also released its security testing tool, which is aimed at detecting the flaw in enterprise Blockchain deployments.