IBM Releases A Patent For Resisting Replay Attacks On Authorized Blockchain Networks


IBM_Releases-A-Patent-For-Resisting-Replay-Attacks-On-Authorized-Blockchain-Networks IBM Releases A Patent For Resisting Replay Attacks On Authorized Blockchain NetworksMultinational information technology company IBM has issued a patent for improving the security of authorized Blockchain networks. Entitled with ‘Resisting replay attacks efficiently in a permissioned and privacy-preserving Blockchain network’, the patent highlighted the security techniques for resisting such attacks while maintaining valid user permissions and privacy. A reply attack is a valid data transmission which is maliciously or deceitfully repeated or delayed, where an attacker simply replays a message that was intruding on from the network or that the attacker saw on the Blockchain, according to the IBM’ s background.

The company’s intention to resist such possibility within the context of authorized Blockchain demands a method of communication and securing the validation of transactions within a network of the computer system. IBM’s patent delineated various incarnations on how validators validate for each of the network systems, are to be protected. This includes creating a transaction that is signed with a security certificate and a unique security value that indicates a Blockchain network of computer systems is eligible to implement a transaction before it is transmitted onward.

As per the reports, a data survey of Blockchain-related patent filed in August last year highlighted that IBM was virtually too close with China’s Alibaba in terms of the highest number of filed patents across the globe. Moreover, just a week ago, the tech tycoon released two new patent applications on Blockchain, wherein one aimed at network security and the other one focused on utilizing Blockchain to streamline database management systems.