IBM To Boost Its Cloud Migration and Management by Acquiring Red Hat

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IBM-_To_-Boost_-Its_-Cloud-_Migration-_and_-Management-_by_-Acquiring_-Red-_Hat IBM To Boost Its Cloud Migration and Management by Acquiring Red Hat

IBM is trying to boost its cloud presence by updating and migration of data management in its cloud platforms. This move was stimulated by the 34 billion dollar acquisition of Red Hat for its own hybrid cloud.

The migration into the latest update has brought about a new automation feature in its own Cloud Migration Factory platform. This new feature consists of deep insight algorithms which focus on the past migration and modernization efforts for improving the company’s planning, accuracy and to reduce the migration risks and uncover the potential challenges incurred during the process. This is mainly focused to help enterprises shift their applications to a cloud environment with facilities re-hosting, re-platforming, re-architecting, and modernization of legacy applications into a cloud-native package, mainly into containers.

Last year, IBM was seen in a similar partnership with Docker for the company’s Modernize Traditional Application (MTA) program. This program focuses on automated tooling for containerizing the existing applications without disturbing the source code or re-architecting the application; making it possible for IT departments to use the Docker Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) and Enterprise Edition (EE) product for migrating into the existing containerized applications to form a hybrid cloud environment.