IBM’s Artificial Intelligence Chief Details His Predictions on This Emerging Tech for The Year 2019

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IBMs_Artificial_Intelligence_Chief_Details_His_Predictions_on_This_Emerging_Tech_for_The_Year_2019 IBM's Artificial Intelligence Chief Details His Predictions on This Emerging Tech for The Year 2019While Artificial intelligence has been employed to everything from digital assistants to predicting the weather; the technology, by the next year, is predicted to become even cheaper, more competent, and more broadly used. Chief Operating Officer of IBM’s AI and quantum computing, Dario Gil stated that his company is going to perceive augmenting democratization of the ability to develop AI and, more significantly, to deploy AI.

Gil also noted that by the next year, people should anticipate not just accurate AI, but trusted AI. The increasing utilization of AI over the next year relies on advancing how computers are trained based on experience and reasoning, both of which assist reduce the price and enhance the pace of the compound systems that carry massive amounts of data. As AI tech is continually gaining adoption, new uses could open up for that haven’t yet been considered. For instance, IBM has invested in the last six years building an AI system, which can debate humans in real time. The system can generate 10 minutes of content that is conversant and on the topic following one sentence from its adversary.  Then it listens, understands, and makes its rebuttal. AI could also become an integral part of the workforce by aiding employees to solve multifaceted issues, as Gil noted.

Additionally, Gil noted that just like in the industrial revolution, his company extended what their muscles could perform through machinery. Now, IBM would really have a companion to assist the company developments what its knowledge and reasoning and policy-making can be.