IBM’s New Artificial Intelligence Platform Can Argue With Humans

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IBM’s_New-Artificial-Intelligence-Platform-Can-Argue-With-Humans IBM’s New Artificial Intelligence Platform Can Argue With HumansTech giant IBM has developed a new tool, called Project Debater that will enable decision makers to participate in a full live debate and talk through complex decisions with an Artificial Intelligence system. The tool is aimed to assist folks to practice their reasoning, improve their well-informed arguments, and reach reliable conclusions.

For this platform, the company has worked on the AI for 7-years and anticipated the technology will be utilized to power applications across an array of use cases. The platform is now open for public use in the form of an experimental crowdsourced debating application, known as Project Debater- Speech by Crowd. It accumulates text arguments from a wide audience and utilizes the Project Debater AI to assess the validity and potency of those arguments, put in order key points, and edits together a concise and influential argument of its own. As per said by Vice President of AI Technology at IBM Research, Aya Soffer, Speech by Crowd will be the first the company experiment with the public. The company foresees the technology as an AI service in the IBM Cloud. He further said that his company is interested in speaking with customers regarding their use cases that they could potentially explore together further.

The tech giant said that thus far, Project Debater has drawn interest from academia, especially those who have debate cubs and from political consultants who interested in utilizing Debater to test-run policy ideas. According to Soffer, the project that is led by Noam Slonim and Ranit Aharonov out of IBM Research Haifa could have applications across numerous sectors, with education, business, law, and government.