iCharts incorporated Netsuite for Big Data everywhere approach

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iCharts-incorporated-Netsuite-for-Big-Data-everywhere-approach-300x129 iCharts incorporated Netsuite for Big Data everywhere approachDelivering profitable insights into business performance and inspire the idea that there is a paragon of new revenues yet to be discovered is what Big Data promises. But the fact is integrating multiple data sets is both time consuming and expensive and the result also need to reach the right person at the right time who can understand it clearly.


There are many different approaches to overcome these obstacles as there are quite a few Big Data as a service startups these days. Recently Netsuite and iCharts addressed the pain points of multiple data-set incorporation and dissemination using a cloud-based model.


The open-source Myrid Framework which is backed by Mesosphere and MapR, is designed to bring them into the Data-Center Mainstream rather than running Hadoop jobs on isolated and committed clusters. And by being natively embedded with Netsuite dashboards, iCharts is able to reach users no matter where they are with easily understandable, business information. This integration also enables iChartsto sell third-party data sets, such as point of purchase data and combine them with real time customer data without compromising security and privacy.These type of app integration is becoming common to enterprise users nowadays days because it reflects the micro-services IT approach that many large companies are pursuing with their in-house app development.