ID Experts® Launches SocialSentry™: First-of-its-Kind Software for Protecting Consumers from Social Media Privacy & Security Risks


Includes remediation for takedown, deletion and blocking of offending content and malicious links

2_1 ID Experts® Launches SocialSentry™: First-of-its-Kind Software for Protecting Consumers from Social Media Privacy & Security RisksPORTLAND, Ore., May 2, 2019 — ID Experts, the leading pure-play privacy technology company in identity protection and data breach services, today launched SocialSentry, the first-ever social media privacy product designed for consumers that can delete, take down and block malicious content.

An average of 13 million social media records a day were compromised in the first half of 2018. SocialSentry was built from the ground up in order to protect consumers from a broad variety of privacy and security risks involved with their use of social media. These risks range from social media fraud like account takeover and impersonation, to malicious links and social media scams, to inappropriate and dangerous content.

“This past year has seen a tsunami of privacy compromises with Facebook and other social media platforms,” commented ID Experts president and CEO Tom Kelly. “Consumers in America and around the world are being exploited, and they don’t have tools to fight back. Americans spend nearly half their time in a given day interacting with media, including social media. We invented SocialSentry specifically to equip social media users to protect their digital privacy on those platforms.”

According to independent consumer research conducted on behalf of ID Experts:

  • Over half of Facebook users are concerned about their privacy or security on the platform.
  • Malware and phishing across all social platforms were of great concern to over half of the respondents.
  • 3 in 4 adults believe children’s privacy is highly at risk across all social media platforms.

SocialSentry is a cloud-based software service that can be used by the consumer from any browser. Based on the MyIDCare™ platform used by millions of people, it also is available using the MyIDCare mobile app for Apple iOS and Google Android that can be downloaded from the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store. It supports many popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and others. It is available for use by individuals or for an entire family.

How It Works

Consumers can purchase SocialSentry online, in either an individual or a family package, and then easily link the social media accounts that they would like to protect. The software scans the users’ network of social media connections for malicious content or links, account impersonation or takeover, scams and fraud, or inappropriate content that is associated (or tagged) with the linked account.

SocialSentry uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, as well as a proprietary collection of rules that defines content as violent, obscene, hateful, dangerous or sexual in nature, to refine its searches and minimize false positives. When it finds anything that appears to violate the privacy of or poses a security risk to the individual or their family member, it immediately alerts the user. Users have the ability to remediate the situation directly within the app by taking actions, including, but not limited to, requesting the takedown of offending content, removing or hiding any malicious links, social media scams and fraudulent content, or blocking users creating the offending content.

Pricing and Availability

SocialSentry is priced at $3.95/month for individuals and $8.50/month for families. The web service, as well as the MyIDCare iOS and Android mobile apps, is available immediately. SocialSentry is part of the ID Experts MyIDCare family of digital privacy and identity protection services currently relied upon by millions of Americans.

About ID Experts

ID Experts® is the leading pure-play data breach and identity protection services privacy technology company. MyIDCare™, its flagship digital privacy and identity protection product, is built on a secure, SaaS cloud-native platform that utilizes an agile delivery system. As the largest provider of identity protection services to the U.S. government and a trusted provider to Fortune 500-sized companies and millions of Americans, ID Experts delivers lasting peace of mind from privacy cyber risks.


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