in Association with the VA, Brings Identity Verification Services to the Veterans

BFSI News in Association with the VA, Brings Identity Verification Services to the, an American identity verification platform, recently teamed up with the VA (US Department of Veterans Affairs), after their 4-month pilot stint, to bring Virtual In-Person Identity Proofing to the VA.

According to Blake Hall, CEO and founder,, with their Virtual In-Person Identity Proofing, the company aims to serve the veterans from different age group from the 19 year-old active duty service member with a thin credit file through to the 82 year-old veteran who struggles with technology to the 35 year-old military spouse living internationally. Hall, who is also a former soldier, said that no man left behind is one of the most important promises service members make to one another. With this collaboration between the VA and, no identity will be left behind.

The new program will enable eligible users to access VA services and benefits at no matter the circumstances they’re in, such as a lack of an address. The program will enable veterans to complete the identity verification process through a “Trusted Referees” consultation via video chat.

As per Charles Worthington, CTO, Dept. of Veteran Affairs, as part of the digital modernization of the VA, it is critical to enable veterans to access their services and benefits online. The Virtual In-Person Identity Proofing program is a critical step forward to make sure that no veteran is left behind while keeping VA in compliance with the latest NIST [National Institute of Skilled Training] standards.