IDC: Healthcare Industry to top the Global Data Creation Charts by 2025

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IDC-Healthcare-Industry-to-top-the-Global-Data-Creation-Charts-by-2025 IDC: Healthcare Industry to top the Global Data Creation Charts by 2025According to IDC, a Framingham, Massachusetts-based Chinese-owned provider of market intelligence, the global “datasphere” – the IDC coined term that constitutes the sheer amount of global data created, captured and replicated – is expected to surpass 175 zettabytes by 2025, and the industries that’ll play a major role in the creation of this surplus amount of data will be financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and media and entertainment.

IDC recently released its “Digitisation of the World – From Edge to Core” report with sponsorship from Seagate Technology, a Cupertino, California-based data storage solutions vendor. The report in its depth highlights the healthcare industry that is primed to grow at the fastest rate on general comparison with other industries, creating a surplus amounts of data that far surpasses the media and entertainment industry and is on almost equal footing with the financial services industry by 2025.

With these impressive growth figures in the healthcare industry, IDC pinpoints the advancements in healthcare analytics and imaging technology, along with the significantly increasing real-time data volume created in the Medicare field.

The manufacturing and financial services industries are more inclined towards edge computing, along with opportunities in blockchain, analytics, and AI.

The Framingham-based analyst also highlights that almost half (49%) of the world’s stored data would be residing in public cloud environments by 2025.

Speaking on this latest report by IDC, Dave Mosley, Seagate chief executive officer, said, “We are at the beginning of an era where both data creation and data utilization are forecasted to grow rapidly over the next decade. While some industries are more prepared for digital transformation than others, all businesses need to be ready to act on a solid digital strategy in order to be successful in the data age.”