iHaper, a Smart Home Brand Debuted At CES 2019

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iHaper-a-Smart-Home-Brand-Debuted-At-CES-2019 iHaper, a Smart Home Brand Debuted At CES 2019iHaper, an Apple Homekit developer brand that focuses on building smart home products, recently at the Consumer Electronics Show –CES 2019, showcased its wide series of smart home products. iHaper with its Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and Alexa, compatibility is regarded as a smart home ecosystem brand with competitive compatibility.

The company with its North European industrial design style applies minimalism throughout the brand concept. The company’s one of the smart products features a detachable desk lamp, which comes equipped with smart Wi-Fi LED and flashlight, attracted much attention of the CES’ attendees, matching all modern interior design with convenient shape flexibility.

The CES 2019 event truly served as a milestone for the company, which officially plans to kick-off it’s off-line sales and marketing worldwide. As per the founder of iHaper, the company’s product catalog will continuously expand into all household appliances, which even includes, the first ever coffee machine made that comes with iPad controllability.

CES 2019, with its Internet of Things (IoT) applications, witnessed the biggest trends. With consumers and brands’ increased pace of IoT adoption into the everyday life of customers, the technology will keep blooming with its applications in enterprise and personal use-cases. The exponential growth of smart homes puts consumers back in-charge allowing them to run a seamless home interface while still going about their normal lives.