IIoT Explained At SAP TechEd

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SAP-Teched-Vegas_HP IIoT Explained At SAP TechEdDuring the SAP TechEd Las Vegas the answer to the question “What happens when organizations can flawlessly connect data from their physical equipment manufacturing facility to enterprise systems so individuals can act smarter and faster?” Mohammed Saif an IoT developer at SAP validated using a children’s toy Lego the unbelievably transformative power of the Industrial Internet of Things. Reflecting the central growth accelerator for IIoT is the SAP Asset Intelligence Network that is showed by Saif in the demo, using this technology for business value specifically. For people across the company to observe in real time what is going on with the equipment regardless of its positioning is enabled by this application.


People are far more enthusiastic to move forward is the biggest difference between this year and last year’s event believed Tom Kurtz, Vice President of IoT business innovation at SAP. The maturity that the Internet of Things has gone through in past year is unavoidable. Many companies have started to explore the opportunities like managing assets although many companies are yet to make the final decision regarding the investment. All these innovations have bottom line impact on businesses. IIoT is not child’s play despite the demo been made with Legos. The prediction said the number of connected devices will reach three times the number now by the end of 2020.