IKIN, Inc. appoints Chuck Oakley VP of Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management


4-1-5 IKIN, Inc. appoints Chuck Oakley VP of Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain ManagementSAN DIEGO, June 13, 2019 — Joe Ward, CEO for IKIN, Inc., announced today that Chuck Oakley has been appointed VP of Global Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management for the organization.

“As we continue to grow and evolve as a company, it’s critical we add key members to the team which have both experience and will add immediate value. Clearly, Chuck meets those criteria and was a fantastic choice for IKIN,” commented Ward. “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chuck over many years and am confident he’s the ideal pick for guiding IKIN from sketch to scale through our first product launch in 2020.”

Oakley brings a long history to IKIN having served in numerous executive roles over the last 20+ years. Most recently as the Vice President of Customer Service for Mitel where he provided overall direction, oversight, and performance of “customer facing” operations and supply chain management activities including order fulfillment, logistics, service inventory management, contract negotiations and post sales warranty.

“I am excited to join Joe and the rest of the IKIN team on IKIN’s RYZ product,” said Oakley.  “Leveraging my many years of experience to help IKIN create and launch the first and only holographic open source community in the world.”

About IKIN, Inc.: Based in San Diego, IKIN, Inc. is pioneering how each of us will imagine, interact, play and live. Positioning the company in “3D and Beyond,” the company’s mission is to provide every person on the planet with the affordable tools necessary to enjoy stunning holographic projection environments in the palm of their hands without the need for goggles or headwear. In 2020, IKIN Labs will introduce RYZ, the world’s first true 3D hologram platform. Created in collaboration with the top names in hologram development, RYZ will be the only product that allows you to view and interact with true holograms. RYZ is your digital life brought to life in deep, immersive 3D.