Illinois’ Former Employees Builds Blockchain technology For Digital Identity Management

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Illinois’_Former_Employees_Builds_Blockchain_technology_For_Digital_Identity_Management Illinois’ Former Employees Builds Blockchain technology For Digital Identity ManagementAfter years of effort to put Blockchain to use in Illinois, two former state employees are creating a way to use the Blockchain technology for digital identity management on a national level. For that, they have teamed up with Deloitte, one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms. Co-founder at Attest Inc., Illinois’ Former Director of Blockchain Strategy Cab Morris and Former Deputy Director of Entrepreneurship Jennifer O’Rourke, announced the partnership earlier this month.

Their goal is to develop a tool equivalent of a digital wallet to the government market to make it faster and easier for citizens to provide evidence, who they are and when they’re at the DMV, voting, traveling, banking, applying for government benefits and doing anything else that requires an ID. A recent news release from Deloitte stated that Attest Inc. is working on two products Attest Wallet, a user application for sharing verified personal data with governments and businesses; and Attest Enterprise, a pair of APIs (Application Program Interface) for those governments and businesses to interface with users trying to verify and manage their identifying information.

Morris said that Attest is the result of months of work informed by his and O’Rourke’s experiences in government and added to a platform developed over five years of research and development by engineers from a Virginia-based innovator of online payment, identity and credential technologies, Digital Bazaar. He further said that Deloitte’s role will be helping them bring Attest’s wallet and APIs to market. Additionally, Morris said that after these pilots with private and public partners, Attest plans to get its digital wallet into the hands of more end-users by 2019. He hopes later next year, to introduce a Software-as-a-Service platform to help governments quickly sort out where APIs can connect with the wallet.