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Immigration Process Simplified By Startups

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Immigration-Process-Simplified-By-Startups-300x129 Immigration Process Simplified By StartupsThe US immigration process is known to be the toughest. The likely candidates need to properly categorize their current status and also need to give extra attention while choosing the forms and addendums they summit. After all this, the candidate will submit the applications for a long waiting list. US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) has pledged an online submission system for the applications, however, there is still time for that to be online.

Significant legal assistance is somehow needed for some immigrants in order for removal orders, detention and litigation and some candidates need to pay a handful of money to the attorney just for feeling up their forms. There are many startups to help the immigrants. Here are three such startups who guide the immigrants through the process but in a budget:

Clearpath Immigration

Clearpath took the 30 most commonly used immigration forms and categorize them into easier sections for a better comprehensible form completion experience using TurboTax as a base model. The company charges a flat fee mostly under $200 once the application is completed.


With a decision tree based model for entering form information. There are also video lessons and tutorials to make people understand the next step. SimpleCitizen, Y Combinator’s second investment in immigration law-based startups, has also drawn comparisons to TurboTax. Though the company is working with a practicing immigration attorney but they have intentions to go automated with more data to work from. The fee charged by the company is $249 for the full process.


CitizenshipWorks is one of the few startups that offers the service entirely free alongside the form completion work. Immigration Advocates Network’s and Pro Bono’s collaborative efforts result are this platform. It helps users specifically with the citizenship & naturalization processes.