Implementing AI to Manage the Continual Influx of Data into the Cloud

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Implementing-AI-to-Manage-the-Continual-Influx-of-Data-into-the-Cloud Implementing AI to Manage the Continual Influx of Data into the CloudToday, the figures such as 2.5 quintillion bytes of data generated per day, is not something surprising for businesses, but rather how this huge amount of data is stored and managed is a major concern. With the recent emergence of cloud technology, the data burden seems a load off the shoulder, but still, there are shortcomings, as most businesses and enterprises, either dumped their data on the cloud in an un-organized way or have not yet moved it at all. Today, many cloud engines have a weak search capability and are drastically un-organized due to misplaced files, caused by human negligence or error.

With the huge amount of data, being continually dumped into the cloud, it’s quite easy to forget or recall a filename, or where the specific file is stored in multiple cloud platforms, and when it comes to .pdf documents, without the filename keywords, it’s almost impossible to search them. Furthermore, the sheer number of files transferred to the cloud on a daily basis, makes manual file management extremely difficult, to deal with this myriad amount of data, artificial intelligence (AI) is largely being implemented in these cloud platforms to handle the data influx. By leveraging the AI tech in cloud storage, cloud platform providers can enable users to gather, examine, categorize and secure their cloud data.