Imprivata’s Imprivata Confirm ID Now Supports EPCS Within Google Chrome For MEDITECH EHR Customers

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Imprivata’s_Imprivata-Confirm-ID-Now-Supports-EPCS-Within-Google-Chrome-For-MEDITECH-EHR-Customers Imprivata’s Imprivata Confirm ID Now Supports EPCS Within Google Chrome For MEDITECH EHR CustomersHealth IT security company Imprivata’s Imprivata Confirm ID, a comprehensive solution for electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS), is now supporting EPCS within the Google Chrome Web browser. With this support, Imprivata Confirm ID will more accessible to MEDITECH customers as the best option for ensuring a fast, seamless, and fully compliant EPCS workflow for their prescribers.

According to a report, the Federal Government, in response to America’s national opioid abuse epidemic, had passed an electronic prescribing requirement for all controlled substance prescriptions for a covered Medicare Part D drug under a prescription drug plan, which takes effect on January 1, 2021. Moreover, similar legislation has passed by 20 states, and many other legislatures are considering proposed EPCS mandates. There are also no wait for pharmacies and they are also instituting requirements, most notably Walmart, which is one of the nation’s largest pharmacy chains that announced its requirement for EPCS in all of its pharmacies rolling out on January 1 of next year.

Imprivata’s Imprivata Confirm ID is the most comprehensive, end-to-end solution assists healthcare delivery organizations adhere to DEA requirements for EPCS. The solution establishes a secure, auditable chain of trust all through the EPCS process by delivering automated provider identity proofing and credential enrollment, role-based logical access controls approval, seamless two-factor authentication, and advanced recordkeeping and reporting. Imprivata Confirm ID improves the EPCS workflow for MEDITECH users by allowing fingerprint biometrics as a second factor of authentication. This enhances efficiency while also offering a backup authentication option.

Imprivata SVP of Product Management Barbara Dumery said that “EPCS has significant benefits for addressing the opioid abuse epidemic, improving workflow efficiency, and increasing patient safety and satisfaction, and it’s essential that we make the workflow as easy as possible to drive adoption by providers.” According to her, “Imprivata continues to innovate to deliver a seamless experience for providers, ensuring that MEDITECH customers have access to the best EPCS workflow possible.”