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In-House-Labor-Law-Technology-By-CMS-300x129 In House Labor Law Technology By CMSIn order to solve a legal law issue common among its German clients CMS Hasche Sigle’s R&D team has developed a technology solution. The company has received an award for the same as well. CMS was announced to be the business development award by PMN Management Awards in Germany for its online browser based tool ‘FPE’. If the self-employed consultants are in reality retained as an employee will be detected by the FPE. In breach of Germany’s severe labor laws and dodging the financial and pension arrangements put in place to safeguard employees.


The solution was launched in early 2015, which arose after-work done with a DAX listed client. Many of the more than 80 labor lawyers have worked on the initial project to get FPE off the ground. Allowing CMS to win instructions in a way which was previously pretty labor intensive is the feature of the new tool. The huge market potential that otherwise is very difficult to tap into the human resources is enabled FPE. The resolution, co-created and invented by CMS employment and labor law partners Alexander Bissels Thomas Glaesmann, was facilitated by the actuality of CMS’ R&D department, which was deploy in January in January 2014.