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In Recent Future, AI Is Not Going To Outshine Human Intelligence

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In-Recent-Future-AI-Is-Not-Going-To-Outshine-Human-Intelligence-300x129 In Recent Future, AI Is Not Going To Outshine Human IntelligenceDiane Green the 61-year-old head of Google’s cloud business said she doesn’t believe in her lifetime the machine intelligence to exceed human intelligence regardless of the progress made in the recent time. She said there is a long way to go even though researchers are making strides in programming intelligence into computers. There are a lot of things, which humans can do really well that machine intelligence can’t she said at the Code Enterprise conference in San Francisco on Tuesday. Hours after Google announced Greene’s division had appointed two foremost artificial intelligence and machine-learning experts Jia Li, who headed up research at Snap, the operator of SnapChat and Fei-Fei Li, who was director of AI at Stanford University. On a scale of one to ten Green was asked to rate the industry progress towards ‘the singularity’ (the moment when machine learning goes beyond human intelligence). Green believed that some people would lose their jobs once machine learning became that important but she didn’t put a level on the progress.


She pointed out that if a person is digitally literate then they will have a job so it is obligatory for us to get the education out there to make sure everyone is digitally literate.