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“In The News” Segment To Be Removed From Google’s Desktop Site

Google Homepage News

In-The-News-Segment-To-Be-Removed-From-Google’s-Desktop-Site-300x129 “In The News” Segment To Be Removed From Google’s Desktop Site“In The News” section from the top of the search result on the desktop is to be removed by Google following criticism over the fake news on its platform mentioned a report. Carousel similar on mobile phones will take its place with a heading “Top Stories”. The company has planned this move for quite some time now. A distinguishing line will be drawn between its main search product and human-vetted Google News product with the removal of the word news. The company has faced scrutiny earlier this week when one of its topmost outcomes for “final election count” turned out fake. This is not very obvious as there is a strong security process involved. The news has to be approved by a committee in order to be posted on the site. However, the flaw existed in the “In The News” tab that randomly pulls news articles from around the web and not just Google approved ones.


Google news was not assessed for truth while compared to the Google Search results. As the website is setup in a way to catch spam it does a good job sniffing out fake news. Nevertheless, the algorithm alone is not sufficient enough to tell erroneous info on a website.