Increasing Data Center Performance through Network Optimization

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Increasing-Data-Center-Performance-through-Network-Optimization Increasing Data Center Performance through Network OptimizationIncreasing-Data-Center-Performance-through-Network-Optimization Increasing Data Center Performance through Network OptimizationEarlier, more the servers were, more was the data center performance, but this logic is no longer an optimal solution for boosting data center efficiency. Furthermore, with the deceleration of Moore’s Law (an observation and projection of the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits) and demand for domain-specific processors and edge computing, the data industry is increasingly focusing on optimizing network efficiency.

Futuriom, a Rayno Media Inc. owned premium information services company, recently conducted a study analyzing how data center professionals are up to address the high-power applications challenge, applications such as artificial intelligence and big data analytics across public, private and hybrid clouds. The firm further published this study report, revealing the industry’s piqued interest in software-defined virtualization and network optimization strategies.

According to Kevin Deierling, VP of Marketing, Mellanox Technologies, sponsors of the research study, Futuriom screened more than 200 director level or higher data center professionals spanning from the US, UK and China-based cloud, telecommunications and enterprise ITs, to venture deep into the actual working practice and the key trends that the data center professionals follow. The respondents were increasingly inclined towards the SmartNICs, with only a bare 10% of respondent saying that they aren’t aware of it. In SmartNICs application, 56% of the respondents were of the view that they can improve the efficiency of VMs and/or containers, 55% believed they can support virtualizing and sharing flash storage more efficiently, 47% said they can help isolate and stop security threats, 50% said that they can accelerate hyper-converged infrastructure, and 54% believed they can enable SDN.

In other findings, it was recognized that network optimization technologies are critical to improving Data Center performance; with 64% respondents saying upgrading the network has potential benefits which include faster application performance, 59% saying they can bring stronger security, 57% claiming increase in flexibility, and 57% saying they make applications more reliable.