Indiana National Guard recuperates from ransomware attack on the state server

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Indiana_National_Guard_recuperates_from_ransomware_attack_on_the_state_server-300x169 Indiana National Guard recuperates from ransomware attack on the state serverOfficials from Indiana National Guard reported last week that a ransomware hit their server that held personal information of civilian and military personnel.

The attack took place on a nonmilitary state computer server that had information of both civilian and military members of the Indiana National Guard. Officials stated that the attack was not targeted state and local governments.

However, authorities didn’t identify the type of ransomware, and the amount of ransom demanded. Though, the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) suggested that ransomware victims should evade paying up. Indiana State Police Capt. David Bursten pointed out that the Cyberattack may have been successful in blocking administrators from accessing servers. It was a kind of malware that blocks access to the rightful owners; however, typically it doesn’t compromise the contents of the server. The authority released a warning letter to those ransomware victims to be cautious of suspicious activity or deceitful accounts.

The letter noted that whether or not the server contents were compromised, but the office’s main concern is the welfare of any affected personnel. That is why they will notify employees who may have had their personal information compromised, are proactively take adequate actions to ensure a similar event does not occur again. The guards said that they have no reason to think that the attack was targeted against the Indiana National Guard.