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Industry Workflow Is Transformed By Machine Learning

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Industry-Workflow-Is-Transformed-By-Machine-Learning-300x129 Industry Workflow Is Transformed By Machine LearningHow organizations are using technology to get closer to the customer is been transformed by the newest generation of machine learning. This also allows more time for the creation of valuable services and products. In an interview at SAP TechEd James Rapp mentioned a couple of examples about what machine learning can do. They are supermarket shelves that let sales representative at consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies see exactly what is selling in real time or Internet cafes that fill seats with streamlined ease using chatbots as digital concierges without the need for any physical sensor.


This innovation really defines community. Interactions are like breeze because of the natural language processing of the chatbots. The Iris SmartRack application in the hypermarket is revolutionary. Instant insights about the consumer behavior are possible due to camera recognition. In for the supermarket to make a better decision regarding future mutual advantage. People can be more productive as they can see in real time what exactly is going on and hence there is no time wasted. In the next wave of applications context along with the ability to respond to the machine and human, inputs are important. Doing the old thing on a new platform is the first stage of digital business.